Acrylic vs. Oil Paintings



Paintings created with oil or acrylic paints clearly differ both in their composition and in their appearance. Depending on the colour and painting technique used, there are various characteristics that make our handmade paintings unique, even from a technical point of view. We've summed up the distinctions between acrylic and oil paint for you. 

Oil Paint: Classic and Distinguished

The use of oil paints is the "classic supreme discipline" of painting, which artists have been practicing since the 15th century. Apart from the nostalgic factor, there are points that speak clearly for the use of oil paints. 

Pros of paintings done in oil paint Cons of paintings done in oil paint
+ High colour brilliance - Susceptible to UV light → Fading
+ Very high colour fastness

- Crack formation possible in advanced aging process

→ as a rule not at all or only after decades

+ Flowing colour gradients due to classic wet-on-wet technique

- Contain potential allergy-inducing substances shortly after completion

→ Thanks to proper storage, however, evaporates before being shipped

+ Colour spectrum expands in the course of setting

- Strong odour at the beginning of the hardening phase










Acrylic Paint: Modern and Expressionist

In the 1950s, industrially produced acrylic paints found their way into the art of painting. The young painting technique conquered the canvases of artists all over the world and gained undreamt-of popularity. Renowned Expressionists such as Yves Klein and Andy Warhol characterised the movement with their timeless acrylic paintings.

Pros of paintings done in acrylic paint Cons of paintings done in acrylic paint
+ Insoluble in water after drying and can be painted over as desired - Colour loses brilliance and brightness while drying
+ Retains its visual effect for an extremely long time - Colour fastness lower than with oil paints
+ Multiple layers of paint & relief contours possible - Transitions not as smooth as with oil paints
+ Completely odourless  
+ Fast drying time  

+ Water as an environmentally friendly and harmless solvent 








The small but distinct differences

For many art lovers there is no alternative to oil paintings - they are simply unmistakable in their colour brilliance, light fastness and colour scheme. Modern acrylic painting, however, comes amazingly close to those characteristics. Considering this along with more affordable prices and being more environmentally-friendly, acrylic paintings are an attractive alternative choice. 

Whatever you decide, the lasting enjoyment of your new KunstLoft artwork is very important to us. Ultimately, the choice of painting is a matter of personal taste. For this reason, we offer both acrylic and oil paintings in our online shop.

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